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About project

The project of developing the presentation of Gradiška's entrepreneurs was conducted during the period of June and July in 2016 and it is manifested in the form of Catalogue of entrepreneurs of Gradiška municipality, published in 100 copies on Serbian, English and German language. Beside this catalogue, entrepreneurs of Gradiška are being represented to public via internet presentation and web portal www.privredagradiska.com.

The main and initiating idea for this project came out of necessity for Gradiška municipality to follow the latest trends of communication with entrepreneurs, population and environment and to show its potential in a way that is adapted to majority of stakeholders. Modern view like this one includes creating web portal provided with web responsive design (adapted to various sorts of monitors, such as tablets and smartphones), while using in the same time contemporary trends of web design and the latest technologies. Also, the catalogue of entrepreneurs in Gradiška is made in multiligual version so that language barriers could be overcomed, while in the same time entrepreneurs are being brought closer to foreign investors. In that way they can have an impact on increasing export as fundamental base of every economy. Catalogue was created respecting and following modern graffic standards and it is characterized by serious, proffesional and business-like desing.

As its goal, this project has the presentation of Gradiška municipality as a business friendly environment, both for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Based on indicators of economic growth of Gradiška municipality during the last two decades, which are presented in this catalogue, it is noticeable that Gradiška marks constant economic growth. The trend of growth is being projected in future period, as well.

The project itself is implemented by the municipality of Gradiška and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), as the major financier of this project.


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