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Metal industry

Cekic Ltd

  • Banovic Strahinje 28, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 816 999

The company "Cekic" ltd produces: building locksmith, fences, wavy twists, body repair, roofers, metal structures, metal poles for lighting and other purposes and other metal products.

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Sekundarac Ltd

  • Borisava Stankovica 8, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 835 528

Sekundarac Company Ltd. is the production and transport company in private ownership. The main activity is collecting, processing and distribution of secondary raw materials, primarily iron and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, tin, etc.). The company has been operating continuously for more than 20 years and it posses its own business infrastructure (offices, warehouses, production halls) and equipment for the smooth running of the business.

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PMP Jelšingrad - Machine Factory Ltd Gradiska

  • Utva Zlatokrila V, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 826 100

The company "PMP Jelšingrad FMG" is the part of an international corporation PMP Industries from the Italian city of Coseano. The surface of the factory is 132,000 m2, while the number of employees is around 200.

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Livnica Tesic Ltd

  • Catrnja, Gradiska
  • + 387 (0)51 847 100 + 387 (0)51 847 101 + 387 (0)65 649 175

Private company Livnica Tesic Ltd. derived from the company PP Waste Transport, founded in 1988, which has collected secondary raw materials and deal with the same. Today Livnica Tesic Ltd. is a company engaged in the following activities: gray iron casting (cast iron), nonferrous metal casting, collecting and recycling of metal debris, collecting and recycling non-metallic debris, wholesale of secondary raw materials, transport of goods by road.

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Company for production of metal products ''Metal'', a.d. Gradiska

  • Dositejeva 7 , Gradiska
  • + 387 (0)51 813 077 + 387 (0)51 813 128

The company is a regional leader in the production of equipment for construction and products for the furniture industry, and it is the recipient of various awards for the quality of its products. The company's products are sold mainly to the foreign market, and partly on the markets of the former Yugoslavia.

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PMD Plotan Dragan

  • Petra Mrkonjića 12, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 830 353 +387 (0)65 641 116

Independent workshop "PMD" is a family, export-oriented company.

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