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Destopovic upholstery Ltd

  • Brestovcina, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 835 024 +387 (0)65 814 705

Upholstery Despotović is engaged in production of upholstered furniture, and the company was founded in 2001. Currently, company produces TDF sets, living room sets, beds, French beds, couches, armchairs and footstools. Upholstery Despotović works with a variety of materials - wood, chipboard, foam, upholstery fabric, wave springs, wire core

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San furniture

  • Put Despota Stefana, Gradiska
  • Proizvodnja: +387 (0)51 870 102 Prodaja: +387 (0)51 826 555

The company has a very diverse and rich offer of furniture of exceptional quality and functionality for apartments and offices. We offer furniture for living rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and offices, upholstered furniture and a variety of additional components. Respect for the wishes of customers and business partners, top quality products and services and the latest technology have become a distinctive feature of the company and built a lot of trust with customers.

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Matic Upholstery Ltd

  • Agroindustry zone 14d, Gradiska
  • + 387 (0)51 891 500

The long tradition, quality and most importantly, customer satisfaction is tremendous evidence that Matic Upholstery occupies a leading position in terms of quality furniture in the region and beyond. The lounge offers a wide selection of furniture sets, TDF (three-seater, two-seater, armchair), furniture, sofas, beds, various types of stools, childrens and ordinary chairs at a very affordable price.

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Nikolic Upholstery Ltd

  • ,
  • +387 (0)51 835 463 +387 (0)51 816 313-salon

Their business is based on high quality products, modern design and an affordable price for each customer.

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