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About Gradiska

The geostrategic position

On the slopes of Mount Kozara and Prosara and on the lowland of Lijevča field, in the north-western part of the Republic of Srpska, lies the municipality of Gradiska. In the municipality, on the surface of 762 km², lives around 52,000 inhabitants, of which number in the wider area of the city is inhabited by about 20,000 residents.

The favorable climate, moderate continental conditions and the geographic position, large forest wealth of the mountains Kozara and Prosara, Lijevče fertile field and parts of Posavina, suitable hilly arable land, the potential of the Sava River and other benefits, have influenced the development of numerous industries.

One of the major international border crossings for passenger and freight traffic in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Gradiska. Direct access to the river Sava, the natural openness via "Sava corridor" to the east and west and openness through the mountainous hinterland to the south toward the Adriatic Sea, give a very good geographical position to Gradiska. 

Economic structure

The economy of the municipality Gradiska began to develop in the end of the 19th century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, firstly in agriculture and the timber industry, and then in other economic sectors. The largest growth and an implementation of infrastructure on the territory of municipality is recorded from mid 60's until the 90's of the last century.

Until 1990, the industry has been the backbone of development of the municipality. However, because of the war in the early nineties of the last century, the physical volume of industrial production has dropped sharply until 1995. Period after 1995 and the process of privatization of state enterprises is followed by gradual construction of a new economic structure.

In the previous period, there was a successful economic growth and development, the economic situation is constantly improving by construction of new economic and infrastructure facilities, increase production and exports to foreign markets and hiring new workers. Economic development has been successfully followed by development of municipal and public services.

There are over 500 commercial enterprises and more than 800 economic activities that currently operates in the municipality. Gradiska employs a total of 9,500 employees, of which 7,400 in the economy, and the rest is employed in different non-economy areas.

Most private sector business is focused on the following economic activities:

  • Wood processing and furniture manufacturing,
  • Metal industry,
  • Textile industry,
  • Production and processing of fruits and vegetables,
  • Manufacture of plastics and
  • Trade

In accordance with the Development Strategy of Gradiška and the need to build a new economic structure, in the last 3 years in the area of municipality, a large number of activities was launched. The activities are based on building and attracting investors on greenfield location- on Agro-industrial zone in Nova Topola.

The zone covers an area of ​​144 ha, and it is located along the main road M-16. It is leaning on the existing regional road M-14, Derventa-Srbac-Nova Topola-Catrnja-Kozarska Dubica-, with connection to the E661 motorway Banja Luka-Gradiska.

Distance from the Zone to the significant traffic capacities is:

  • Belgrade-Zagreb highway 22 km
  • Highway Gradiska-Banja Luka 7 km
  • Banjaluka Airport 10 km
  • Rijeka harbour 310 km
  • Border Crossing BiH -EU 12 km

Agro-industrial zone in Nova Topola is interesting because of its strategic location, proximity to EU markets and the quality of transport infrastructure, free access to the markets of the CEFTA and Russia, a competitive labor force, from the environment.

Considering all of the above, it can be concluded that the municipality Gradiska is an attractive area for starting all forms of economic activities and investments both for domestic and foreign businessmen.


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