• +387 51 810 300
  • nacelnik.opstine@opstina-gradiska.com


Dambi commerce Ltd

  • Put srpske vojske 1, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 815 268

Construction material retail

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Liberama Ltd

  • Lijevcanska bb, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 809 100

Company's main activity is production and distribution of elastic and flexible multi-purpose siphon pipes, distribution of bathroom equipment, plumbing, sewage PVC pipes and related fittings, accumulation and small capacity water heaters, faucets and sinks of high quality.

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Berza Produkt Ltd

  • Put Despota Stefana (tranzit), Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 814 033

Berza Produkt Ltd is a dynamic company clearly committed to the goal of providing customers with a complete service through a very wide range of products and services. Company exists since 2000. It was originally founded as a small company with three employees and a modest assortment of 100 articles on 4000 m2. Berza Produkt Ltd positioned itself in a very short time at the very top of the construction materials market in the region.

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Bomerc Ltd

  • Partizanska bb, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 840 382

Bomerc Company Ltd. is a young company, but for this short period it has become very successful in the distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Cobra Sport

  • M.G.Nikolajevića (ARKA lok 14), Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 815 149

Boutique Cobra Sport is specialized in selling sport equipment since 1999. The boutique is specialized in selling the world's premium brands such as Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Champion, Puma, and other famous brands.

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  • Alekse Santića 16a, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 842 010

Lion Ltd. was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Gradiska. Only retail furniture existed, back then. During further business, the company began with the wholesale trade of furniture as well as the wholesale of raw materials for the production of upholstered furniture which is today the main activity of the company.

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  • Rovine 103, Nova Topola
  • +387 (0)51 892 404 +387 (0)65 540 720 +387 (0)65 518 389

The company "Motoremont" Ltd. from Gradiska was founded in 2001 and it operates in the segment of the sale of spare parts for tractors and combines, as well as providing repair services for the same items.

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Koming-Pro Ltd

  • Vidovdanska bb, Gradiska
  • +387 (0)51 814 864

The company specializes in Network Design,Construction and Maintenance, and built over 600 km of local, regional and international Fiber Optic Back bones, over 30 complex Telecommunication Facilities, including Local Cable Network, that currently serves over 14000 households and business users.

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